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A girl's journey to free women from the aftermaths of cancer


3 million women

Suffer from the aftermaths of gynaecological cancers and up to 70% report sexual difficulties.

Determined to find answers, I embarked on a 1,095 day PhD journey. As I read stories from all over the world, I realised that I can’t stop at gyn cancers: I want all women after cancer to find their beautiful again, to feel like a woman again, to have unshakable confidence in and out of the bedroom. My PhD is on sexual quality of life after gyn cancers. But, it’s not all about sex. It’s about self love, body image, touch, intimacy, connection,  and of course, conversation.

Today, I celebrate eight years cancer-free and being a mama against the odds. I know how overwhelming a cancer diagnosis is but also how rich life after cancer can be. My mission is to empower women to embrace their new normal and help those less fortunate than I was through prevention, early detection, treatment and support.

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