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Beating breast cancer with Dr Alexea

Dr Alexea Gaffney is a triple board certified physician, mom, speaker, author, coach and Breast Cancer Survivor. To wrap up Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the New Yorker opens up about her story. She shares who is at risk of breast cancer and her 7 tips on living, surviving and thriving with and beyond breast cancer. Dr Alexea's diagnosis Hey ladies! My name is Dr. Alexea and I’m a Girl Rocking Cancer! I was diagnosed with Stage III invasive lobular carcinoma in April 2018 at

Dajah's story: when cancer strikes at 18

Dajah thought she was too young to have cancer. Today, she shares what that's like to be diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 18 and how to face the anxiety of a cancer diagnosis as a young woman. Dajah's story I didn't know what thyroid cancer was. The doctors call it the "good cancer" not that anybody wants cancer at all. What symptoms did you experience leading up to your diagnosis? I didn't have any symptoms that seemed out of the ordinary. I was always tired but who isn't t

Judith's story: how to tame the breast cancer beast

At 38, Judith was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a partial mastectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the French Canadian is now cancer-free. As she returns from the trip of a lifetime, Judith shares how important it is to enjoy life despite cancer. We also help you recognise the warning signs of breast cancer. I'm sitting at the airport, waiting for my flight to Portugal. I'm about to walk 240km on the Camino de Santiago to raise funds for breast cancer. I reflect on ho

LaNell's story: I found out I had vulvar cancer while pregnant

One week after she was diagnosed with vulvar cancer at 31, LaNell found out that she was pregnant. Today, the proud mamma opens up about her story and just how important second opinions truly are when it comes to your health. We also help you recognise the warning signs of vulvar cancer. How was vulvar cancer diagnosed? In December 2016, I found a lump in my left Labia Majora when I went for my annual check up. I asked my OBGYN to take a look at it. My doctor told me my lump

Katty's story: all you need to know about vaginal cancer

One week before her wedding, Katty was diagnosed with vaginal cancer at 35 - only 3 years post surgery for thyroid cancer. Today, the blond bombshell shares her story and show us how to recognise the signs of vaginal cancer and cope with a cancer diagnosis. Katty, when were you diagnosed with vaginal cancer? I was originally diagnosed with VAIN III, but after the surgery and biopsy, carcinoma in situ. I was 35 and given this diagnosis one week before I got married. Basically

Anik's story: how to protect yourself from cervical cancer

8 months after having her second baby boy, Anik asked her doctor for a IUD, a contraceptive device placed inside the uterus. That's when she was diagnosed with stage 1b1 cervical cancer at 32. Today, she shares why we need to pay close attention to our bodies, know the signs of cervical cancer and do our regular Pap smears. I never expected to have cancer. I thought I was young and healthy and that just wouldn’t happen. I work out regularly, I eat healthy, I get plenty of res

The 5 warning signs of endometrial cancer

Kelly was diagnosed with endometrial cancer at 32 after being told this cancer doesn't affect young women. For Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, we help you recognise the signs and symptoms of uterine cancer because early detection saves lives. 'I was told my abnormal bleeding was normal' For about 14 months, Kelly had experienced daily periods with heavy clots. I went to urgent cares, gynecologists, and emergency rooms and was told my abnormal bleeding was “normal.” Whi