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Kelsie's story: the first 30 days of my cancer diagnosis

Kelsie Barnhart, 27 years old, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer only days before Christmas. In this blog, she candidly shares the first 30 days of her cancer diagnosis with incredible wisdom, strength and resilience beyond her years. The first 30 days of Kelsie's cancer diagnosis "I can count on one hand the number of times I felt like I was dreaming even when I was awake: The time I found out Santa Claus wasn’t real. The first time a boy I liked held my hand. The ti

Carol's cancer story: more sunny days

Carol Lacey is a California mountain mum, wife, sister and daughter who lives with recurrent metastatic cervical cancer. Her passion for shattering stigmas of ‘below-the-belt’ cancers is her drive to share her story and secrets on how to find #moresunnydays through cancer. Carol's story Carol is a Cervivor Ambassador. In this video, she explains how cancer has affected her: I have lost everything below my belt. I've had my ovaries, my fallopian tubes, my vagina, my bladder,