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Kelly's story: when menopause strikes at 34

At 32, Kelly opted for a fertility-sparing treatment for endometrial cancer, with the hope that one day she could be a mama. After realising that she was one of the 'unlucky women' and the treatment didn't work, Kelly had her uterus removed. Today, the 34 years old shares what early menopause is truly likes for a young woman and how to manage it. My fertility-sparing treatment After she was diagnosed with uterine cancer (also called womb or endometrial cancer), Kelly tried hi

Deirdre's story: 8 secrets to fighting the silent killer

Ovarian cancer is often referred to as the silent killer. Today, we help you recognise the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer and share the tips and heart-warming love story of ovarian cancer thriver Deirdre and her husband Charles. The silent killer Because my relatives had never survived cancer, my diagnosis of ovarian cancer stage 3a seemed a sure sign that it planned to kill me. Deirdre is the first one to admit that she didn't know the symptoms of ovarian cancer until

Carole's story: I've never known 'normal'

"It’s struck me as ironic that a girl who has craved a normal life has experienced a life that has been anything but normal." From the age of 25, Carole has experienced it all: multiple cancer diagnoses, high-risk pregnancy, and the birth of twins with autism and intellectual disabilities. Today, she shares her endless pursuit for a 'normal life'. When cancer struck at 25 My husband Clay and I had been married a little over a year when I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Ashley's story: how I became my strongest self after cancer

Ashley is a Sarcoma thriver; she is also a mother, wife, sister, daughter, lover, friend, leader, advocate, and runner. Today, the proud marathon runner reveals how she regained the power she felt she lost when receiving her cancer diagnosis. My diagnosis: "I wasn't going to let cancer take my power away" After no longer nursing her child when he was 3 years-old (still producing milk and thinking she had a clogged milk duct), Ashley was diagnosed with a rare cancer, primary a