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Cry it out: 7 surprising health benefits of tears

Babies cry. Yet as we grow older, bursting into tears can be seen as a sign of weakness, something to be ashamed of. Imagine if your tears held a healing power - the body's natural valve to release bottled up emotions, so they don't manifest as pain, fatigue or illnesses. Grab that box of tissues, read on, and enjoy! The secret is out "Don't cry like a baby" "Boys don't cry" "Don't be so emotional" These are just some of the words that condemn tears. Many of us were told to h

What’s in your DNA: how to hack your genetics and cheat cancer

Have you ever wondered why you got cancer - or how to prevent cancer? In this vlog, I’m joined by nutrigenomist Dr Heather Way from The Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis who has helped me live well beyond cancer and with my autoimmune disorder. Read on to find out: What's a DNA test? Can I fix broken genes? How do I prevent and heal from chronic illnesses? How does Vitamin D relate to cancer, autoimmune and chronic pain? Can I harm my body if I take vitamins or supplemen