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Beyond sex: 4 simple steps to mindful sexual expression

Marita Heck is on a mission to help people with a disability explore their sexuality. Today, she shares how observing couples 'making love on a spiritual level' has taught her about sexual expression. In this blog, Marita shows us how couples can explore touch through a technique called 'Sensate Focus' to find a deep intimate connection. Marita wears so many titles: mother, wife, midwife, nurse, researcher, novelist, and if that wasn't enough, she is about to receive her PhD.

Christina’s story: young and fit women get cancer too

In July 2017, Christina was diagnosed with early stage endometrial cancer. The 33 years-old had no symptoms, no bleeding, no bloating, and no pain during sex: she was in the best shape of her life! Today, the uterine and breast cancer thriver shares her story and tells us why genetic testing can save your life. Does this look like someone who has cancer? We can't assume young people don’t get cancer. We all have biases, but our medical professionals must set these biases asid

Alexis’ story: I’m proof you can survive Mesothelioma

At 37, Alexis was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer caused by asbestos, mesothelioma. When some patients don’t even survive one year, Alexis survived 12 and even helped her partner Christian through his own cancer diagnosis. Today, Alexis talked about beating the odds and dealing with survivor's guilt. Alexis' story Alexis Kidd received her mesothelioma diagnosis more than 12 years ago. So excuse her for not remembering everything. What’s important is she’s still al

Millennial's story: the beauty in bald

Just shy of her 30th birthday, Millennial was diagnosed with a rare cancer. Today, the working mama and wife shares her story and insights on how to overcome a cancer diagnosis, find your beautiful through baldness, and stay grounded and grateful on your cancer journey. Millennial's story How did you find out you had cancer? I was 29 in the Summer of 2016 and I was just getting a good footing on balancing work, family and personal needs when I learned of my diagnosis of Non H

Stacey's story: I wish I knew I could store my tumour

8 years ago, breast cancer thriver Stacey went for her first mammogram at 40 years old. Today, the brave mama shares what she wishes she knew about personalised cancer treatment options. If you or someone you love is affected by cancer, it pays to know that no two tumours are alike, and each contains critical information to your treatment. Stacey's story After the scan of my breasts, I went home and waited for the results. I didn't think much of it as breast cancer doesn't ru

Amanda's story: my baby saved my life!

On what supposed to be the happiest day of her life, mum of 3 Amanda was delivering baby Frankie when her doctor said she needed a biopsy. 4 weeks later, Amanda was diagnosed with stage 2b cervical cancer with an 8cm tumour, 6 weeks of chemo and radiotherapy and 3 brachytherapy. Today, the 31 years old celebrates one year cancer-free and shares 8 best-kept secrets on how to listen to your body and live well with cancer. Amanda's story As she recovered from her emergency c-sec

Lauren's story: how to support a friend through cancer

Someone close to you has just heard the words "you have cancer". What do you do? How do you best support them through cancer diagnosis and treatment while also taking care of yourself? In honour of Family Caregivers Month, Lauren openly shares her insights on caring for a friend, partner or family member who has cancer. DIAGNOSIS: How did your friend react to her cancer diagnosis? The night of Vicki finding out her diagnosis, she cried herself to sleep on my lap. After the in

Beating breast cancer with Dr Alexea

Dr Alexea Gaffney is a triple board certified physician, mom, speaker, author, coach and Breast Cancer Survivor. To wrap up Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the New Yorker opens up about her story. She shares who is at risk of breast cancer and her 7 tips on living, surviving and thriving with and beyond breast cancer. Dr Alexea's diagnosis Hey ladies! My name is Dr. Alexea and I’m a Girl Rocking Cancer! I was diagnosed with Stage III invasive lobular carcinoma in April 2018 at

Dajah's story: when cancer strikes at 18

Dajah thought she was too young to have cancer. Today, she shares what that's like to be diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 18 and how to face the anxiety of a cancer diagnosis as a young woman. Dajah's story I didn't know what thyroid cancer was. The doctors call it the "good cancer" not that anybody wants cancer at all. What symptoms did you experience leading up to your diagnosis? I didn't have any symptoms that seemed out of the ordinary. I was always tired but who isn't t

Judith's story: how to tame the breast cancer beast

At 38, Judith was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a partial mastectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the French Canadian is now cancer-free. As she returns from the trip of a lifetime, Judith shares how important it is to enjoy life despite cancer. We also help you recognise the warning signs of breast cancer. I'm sitting at the airport, waiting for my flight to Portugal. I'm about to walk 240km on the Camino de Santiago to raise funds for breast cancer. I reflect on ho

LaNell's story: I found out I had vulvar cancer while pregnant

One week after she was diagnosed with vulvar cancer at 31, LaNell found out that she was pregnant. Today, the proud mamma opens up about her story and just how important second opinions truly are when it comes to your health. We also help you recognise the warning signs of vulvar cancer. How was vulvar cancer diagnosed? In December 2016, I found a lump in my left Labia Majora when I went for my annual check up. I asked my OBGYN to take a look at it. My doctor told me my lump

Katty's story: all you need to know about vaginal cancer

One week before her wedding, Katty was diagnosed with vaginal cancer at 35 - only 3 years post surgery for thyroid cancer. Today, the blond bombshell shares her story and show us how to recognise the signs of vaginal cancer and cope with a cancer diagnosis. Katty, when were you diagnosed with vaginal cancer? I was originally diagnosed with VAIN III, but after the surgery and biopsy, carcinoma in situ. I was 35 and given this diagnosis one week before I got married. Basically

Anik's story: how to protect yourself from cervical cancer

8 months after having her second baby boy, Anik asked her doctor for a IUD, a contraceptive device placed inside the uterus. That's when she was diagnosed with stage 1b1 cervical cancer at 32. Today, she shares why we need to pay close attention to our bodies, know the signs of cervical cancer and do our regular Pap smears. I never expected to have cancer. I thought I was young and healthy and that just wouldn’t happen. I work out regularly, I eat healthy, I get plenty of res

Kelly's story: when menopause strikes at 34

At 32, Kelly opted for a fertility-sparing treatment for endometrial cancer, with the hope that one day she could be a mama. After realising that she was one of the 'unlucky women' and the treatment didn't work, Kelly had her uterus removed. Today, the 34 years old shares what early menopause is truly likes for a young woman and how to manage it. My fertility-sparing treatment After she was diagnosed with uterine cancer (also called womb or endometrial cancer), Kelly tried hi

The 5 warning signs of endometrial cancer

Kelly was diagnosed with endometrial cancer at 32 after being told this cancer doesn't affect young women. For Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, we help you recognise the signs and symptoms of uterine cancer because early detection saves lives. 'I was told my abnormal bleeding was normal' For about 14 months, Kelly had experienced daily periods with heavy clots. I went to urgent cares, gynecologists, and emergency rooms and was told my abnormal bleeding was “normal.” Whi

Deirdre's story: 8 secrets to fighting the silent killer

Ovarian cancer is often referred to as the silent killer. Today, we help you recognise the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer and share the tips and heart-warming love story of ovarian cancer thriver Deirdre and her husband Charles. The silent killer Because my relatives had never survived cancer, my diagnosis of ovarian cancer stage 3a seemed a sure sign that it planned to kill me. Deirdre is the first one to admit that she didn't know the symptoms of ovarian cancer until

Carole's story: I've never known 'normal'

"It’s struck me as ironic that a girl who has craved a normal life has experienced a life that has been anything but normal." From the age of 25, Carole has experienced it all: multiple cancer diagnoses, high-risk pregnancy, and the birth of twins with autism and intellectual disabilities. Today, she shares her endless pursuit for a 'normal life'. When cancer struck at 25 My husband Clay and I had been married a little over a year when I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Ashley's story: how I became my strongest self after cancer

Ashley is a Sarcoma thriver; she is also a mother, wife, sister, daughter, lover, friend, leader, advocate, and runner. Today, the proud marathon runner reveals how she regained the power she felt she lost when receiving her cancer diagnosis. My diagnosis: "I wasn't going to let cancer take my power away" After no longer nursing her child when he was 3 years-old (still producing milk and thinking she had a clogged milk duct), Ashley was diagnosed with a rare cancer, primary a

Christina's story: how to reshape your body image after cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer sucks. According to desmoid cancer survivor Christina, the Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer community shares a unique set of challenges. Today, the inspiring 28 years-old shares her experience of meeting other young cancer thrivers and the secrets of how to love your body after cancer. Cancer wasn't part of my plan Christina opens her story with a confession, "I'm not a spontaneous person". "A planner by nature, I color-code my commitments i