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Turning cancer and sexual trauma into a force for good

Shani Enns suffered long-term sexual abuse, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, early menopause, heart disease, partial mastectomy, and suicidal depression. In this blog, she shares her raw and inspiring journey on how she overcame adversity and is now helping others to heal from trauma, using love as a catalyst. Shani's story The body remembers everything. Sexual abuse started for me in infancy. I started having flashbacks in my late 20's and had no idea how to deal with it, an

Embracing our new normal after cancer

No matter what kind of cancer you were diagnosed with, cancer treatment can really take its toll on your body, both physically and mentally. Embracing our "new normal” is key in helping us live well beyond cancer. But, HOW do we get there? Cancer as a chronic disease We used to think of cancer as a one-time event. Nowadays, cancer can be closely watched and treated, but sometimes it never completely goes away. According to the American Cancer Society, certain cancer types suc

Sex, vaginas & cancer research: taking on the elephant in the room

Gynaecological cancer research is ridiculously underfunded. Not only is the "elephant in the room" getting peanuts, but the elephant is getting less and less peanuts. Here's the run down and the top 21 reasons why we need cancer research to save and enhance women's lives. First, a word of warning: if you get offended when hearing the words sex and vaginas, then let's face it this blog post isn't for you. (Unless of course, there’s a woman in your life who you care about, then

I am more than a survivor

I survived cancer but that doesn't define me. Everything I know about living well beyond cancer and embracing the limitations of my own body, I learnt from mum, a polio survivor. This is her story – an inspirational tail of hope, love and overcoming hardship. Thérèse Roussin is a fighter who worked so hard for her community that she could have given her shirt before catching her breath. Those are the words of a local journalist Amélie Carrier who recently took interest in my

How yoga helps women with gynaecological cancers

How does yoga help women live well with and beyond cancer? Besides helping us restore balance and emotional well-being, yoga is magic when it comes to managing our health "down there" - anything ranging from endometriosis, ovarian cancer or other gynaecological cancers to pelvic pain, vulvar pain or lymphedema. Here is how. My story: why I embarked on a healing yoga challenge After six years cancer free, I found myself back at the hospital for a pelvic MRI, biopsy and hystero