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8 reasons why quitting is good for your health

Updated: May 1, 2019

Quitting is frown upon. Think about it. How many times have you heard the words “don't be a quitter", "quitters are losers" or "just give it time". In this blog, I share why quitting is good for your health, what to quit, when to quit, and how to find your very own quitting style. Read on, and happy quitting!

My graduation day was a celebration of my quits!

Quitting is for winners

“Don’t just stand there, quit!”

Quitting is frown upon. Think about it. How many times have you heard the words “I’m not a quitter” as if it was a badge of honour.

Our society has conditioned us that losers quit. So, we stay. We stay in bad relationships; we stay in jobs that make us miserable; we stay and internalise those beliefs that no longer serve us.

Yet we know, deep down, when enough is enough.

The art of quitting

Fav book!

A few years ago, I read a book that changed my life: The Art of Quitting. Today, I understand that unless we’re growing, we’re dying. It’s OK to stay and it’s OK to quit.

We can quit a job (paid or unpaid), a person, a thing, a location, an idea, a habit. The possibilities for quitting (and new beginnings) are endless!

I made peace with my inner quitter and so can you. But, quitting can make us feel both euphoric and terrified. So let's take a look at why you should quit for your health's sake.

8 reasons why quitting is good for your health

I'm grateful for my quits as they led me to where I am today. When I look back, I have no regrets. Quitting my corporate job and the idea that "I had no talents besides marketing" has led me to study health and reinvent myself - just yesterday I was listening to my uni students share their projects to create healthier hospitals, cities, workplaces, prisons, social media platforms, etc. So it's safe to say that quitting has not only served my health but it is now serving the health of others. Here's my take on why quitting can supercharge your health.

1. Quitting helps us growNot everyone or everything is meant to last. I quit my hometown and travelled the world. I quit my old belief system and opened up to a new way of embracing life. I quit some people and kept others with whom I continue to grow. Be grateful for those who cross your path whether it is for life or for a moment in time.

2. Quitting helps us adapt to change

The universe is in constant motion. Everything in life, all objects and beings, are always changing, inconstant, undergoing re-birth and re-death. Change is inevitable and resisting change brings pain. Quitting helps us move forward.

3. Quitting fights helplessness

Feeling helpless rubs us of our health. Imagine you're feeling depressed, frustrated, embarrassed or guilty - making a decision to quit whatever sparks that emotion can be the catalyst for positive change in your life and for your health.

4. Quitting raises the bar

We show the world how to treat us. It takes courage to leave toxic relationships, workplaces, situations or beliefs. When you choose yourself, when you decide to listen to that little voice that screams "enough is enough, I won't stand for it anymore", it creates space for incredible humans and experiences to enter your life. Remember, who you choose to have in your life and the quality of those relationships can have a HUGE impact on your health!

5. Quitting fights boredom

Our brains are designed to keep us safe - but safety isn't joy. Quitting can help us live our best lives. When we challenge the status quo, we are forced to engage our neurones, to think of new ways of doing things, to embrace the extraordinary. So, go on and get creative!

6. Quitting fights exhaustion

Why are we so damn tired? We live in a demanding society with a never-ending list of social norms. For example, I recently started to quit the idea of perfection. Striving for perfection is incredibly exhausting, don't you think? When we stop the guilt trip and embrace the idea that quitting is OK, we feel re-energised and free.

7. Quitting makes us stronger

Quitting can help us deal with a crisis. Contrary to common belief, it takes courage to quit. The unknown is frightening. When we quit, we can see and feel what we are made of. Quitting can be incredibly empowering.

8. Quitting breaks bad habits

Obviously, quitting alcohol, smoking or drugs can help us turn our health around. But, the habit doesn't have to "a thing" - it can be a mindset. For example, we can quit criticising our body: thinking we're too fat, our boobs are too small, or skin is too wrinkly. Then, we can create new habits that help us shape a healthier and more loving relationship with our body.

How to quit

The book The Art of Quitting from Evan Harris is available on Amazon and give you 20 quitting styles. It's witty, incredibly insightful and who knows... it might just be the catalyst for your next quit.

Happy quitting!


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