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Amber's story: breaking the stigma around gynaecological cancer

Gynaecological cancer awareness. At 35, Amber was diagnosed with cervical cancer when 8 months pregnant. Today she shares her story to end the shame on gynaecological cancer and empower women to talk to their doctors about their health below the belt.

Girls Rocking Cancer - Amber
Amber, 35, Cervical Cancer

Girls Rocking Cancer - Amber's story
Amber was 8 months pregnant when diagnosed

Signs & symptoms

I had no signs and symptoms at all - a very healthy and active life prior to my diagnosis. It really felt like it sneaked up on me.

Cancer was found during a routine baby exam appointment. I was 8 months pregnant when the cancer was discovered. I chose to forgo treatment until after my daughter was born.

My new normal

Girls Rocking Cancer - Amber
"I have to continue to advocate for my health even after cancer" - Amber
Even 4 years out, I still don’t recognise my body, I feel like my body is changing and experiencing new things that I have to face all the time. I’m cancer free but it still has a strong hold on my health. I have to continue to advocate for my health and even more now after cancer.

Breaking the stigma

We shouldn’t be afraid to talk about the parts of our bodies that help bring humans into the world. Women should feel empowered to talk to their doctors.

Girls Rocking Cancer - Amber
"I want to set an example for my daughter" - Amber

Telling our stories helps break that barrier and I believe we are getting to a better place to do that. I wasn’t always brave to speak about it, but other women sharing has helped me pave the way to talk about my cancer journey.

I look at my daughter and think of how brave I want her to be about advocating for her body. I want to set a strong example for her.

Thank you Amber for sharing your story and insights. You can reach out to her on Instagram @greercolorado We look forward to seeing you all in the Girls Rocking Cancer on Facebook or Instagram.


Amber and Mel

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