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How to identify and crush limiting beliefs - Day 1

Updated: May 1, 2019

In this blog, I talk about self-limiting beliefs, so together we can overcome them and live our best life. For the next 7 days, I challenge you to take on my Crushing Limiting Beliefs Challenge. Every day, I'll share a common limiting belief and how to get rid of it. Today, we're crushing "I can't".

What are self limiting beliefs?

Self-limiting beliefs are making us worst off. They are those unhelpful things that we tell ourselves that restrain our potential and limit the choices we make – whether for our career, our relationships or our health.

Limiting beliefs are often about ourselves, our identity. But, they can also be about other people or the world around us.

Day 1: I can't

We often have limiting beliefs of what we can and cannot do. For example, my sister used to say: "I cannot speak English" so she stopped trying – yet she is a fantastic Spanish speaker so there’s no reason why she can’t learn a third language.

That’s the problem of the "I can't statements": if we believe our abilities are fixed, we stop learning.

When I first arrived in Australia, a recruiting agent told me that I could never get a job in this country unless I speak like the Queen of England. Rather than internalising that belief, I said: “well with your due respect, I disagree”. I found the job I wanted and she became one of my biggest advocates and found my next two contracts.

Today, I’m celebrating 2 years as a podcaster and 2.5 years as university lecturer. Literally living off my voice. So, let's look at how to get rid of the "I can't statements"

Day 1: I can!

I often hear people say: “I can’t trust someone because I’m afraid of getting my heart broken”, then we can say:

Everyone is deserving of my trust unless proven otherwise

Sure, we can take things slow in our relationships, get to know someone and their inner circle, but at the end of the day love and all forms of relationships are a gamble.

But, without trust, we can’t form a meaningful relationship with anyone.

One thing that helps me is to think of myself as a cat that bounces back on its feet – and because I have this belief I know that no matter what happens I will be ok. So give credit to yourself for the strength you have shown to date and pay attention to the “I can’t statements” that you might be using.

Stay with me for the next 7 days – don’t go anywhere - and take on the challenge with me by using the hashtag #crushinglimitingbeliefs on social media.

See you tomorrow (yes, you can!)


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