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How to identify and crush limiting beliefs - Day 3

Updated: May 1, 2019

Self-limiting beliefs are the worst; they stop us from being our best self. For the next 7 days, I challenge you to take on my Crushing Limiting Beliefs Challenge. Every day, I share a common limiting belief and how to get rid of it. For Day 3, our challenge is to think of the words we use to describe ourselves. Let's do this!

What are self limiting beliefs?

If you’ve missed Day 1 or Day 2, you can kick off the challenge here. Each day takes only 3 minutes!

Today, our challenge is to think of the words we use to describe ourselves. Let's start by anytime we use the words “I am” or I’m not”.

Often they go together, when we say “I am”, we can easily think "I’m not".

For example, I’ve always admired entrepreneurs but never thought I had the “entrepreneurship gene” in my DNA. So, if 10 years ago, you had told me that I would be working on my own social enterprise, I would have told you that you’re mad. Yet, here I am. So, what's the big deal anyway?

Day 3: I'm not

The problem is when we use “I am” or “I am not” – we assume that we can’t change and this can stop our growth. For example, if we think "I’m not intelligent" – we can stop learning new things.

Today, pay attention to the words you use to describe yourself. I dare you not to use words like “I’m stupid” – even when joking around. We can do stupid things without being stupid. I’m quite clumsy and I often “misplaced” things – yet I don’t label myself as "stupid".

In my work with cancer, I often speak with people who don’t want to take on the “survivor” identity as they feel it stops them from moving forward from their experience with cancer – others use it as a source for strength and positive change in their lives. How ever you choose to approach your journey is ok but know that you don’t have to take on that identity if it doesn't feel right to you.

Day 3: It's crushing time!

To help us connect with our true self and purpose, we can observe our emotions. What gets you excited or mad?

Our emotions can be a clue of where our true nature lies. For example, although I've never pictured myself as a cancer researcher, I’m obsessed about ending suffering for women (and their partners) who deal with the aftermaths of cancer – it is this obsession that gives me the skills, strength and resourcefulness to reinvent myself and pursue this crazy journey!

Finally, I find that a quiet mind helps me to find answers naturally. Yoga works for me but you can do something as simple as a breathing exercise or anything else that takes you away from the hustle and buzzle of our busy lives.

See you tomorrow for Day 4!

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