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How to identify and crush limiting beliefs - Day 4

Updated: May 1, 2019

Self-limiting beliefs are the worst; they stop us from being our best self. For the next 7 days, I challenge you to take on my Crushing Limiting Beliefs Challenge. Every day, I share a common limiting belief and how to get rid of it. Sundays are for self care, so today's challenge is to "make time" to nurture our mind and body. Let's do this!

What are self limiting beliefs?

Before I get started here, remember that you can kick off my 7-day challenge at anytime towards ultimate self-love by watching my previous blogs. Each day takes only 3 minutes!

Sundays are for self care so today I want you to think of what you do to nurture your mind and body. Start by asking yourself:

Am I making time for myself every day – or is anyone or anything else always comes before me?
What is stopping me from making time for myself? Is it the "lack of time" or am I feeling guilty or “selfish” when taking time out for myself?

Day 4: I don't have time

How many times a day do we hear or do we say: “I don’t have time” – whether we don’t have time to pursue our dreams or to sit down and meditate or whatever.

One thing I’ve heard and noticed before (and this is not part of my PhD I have no science to back that one up!) is that a lot of women living with cancer that I have encountered are quite selfless – it’s wonderful to be kind and compassionate – but I do believe that balance plays a good part in our health and sometimes I wonder whether we carry too much on our shoulders.

We live in such a fast-paced world where it's so easy to go at 100 miles an hour otherwise we feel like we’re missing out or that we’re not doing enough or being enough.

But we do need to make time for ourselves if we want to do right by us and then be of service to others. Let's look at that together.

Day 4: Making time!

Ok so your self love challenge today is I want you to take a minute and think:

  1. What am I doing today to nurture myself and my body?

  2. What’s the best time of my day to make that ritual?

For example, is it at 5am when everyone is still sleeping or later at night? I know that if I start my day with yoga even if it’s only 30 minutes I tend to have a better day; but it’s also that if I don’t do it first thing in the morning the day can get away from me.

It's worth asking ourselves how we can take better control of our day to "make that time". Today, my self care practice is going to the farmers’ market and nurture my body with locally grown food that’s not filled with pesticides! What's yours?

That’s it for Day 4 – I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 5.

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