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Melody's story: uterine, cervical & vulvar cancer warrior

Melody shares her story to encourage women to know & appreciate their body. We also share the warning signs of uterine cancer and how to be an advocate for your health.

Girls Rocking Cancer - Melody story
Uterine, cervical & vulvar cancer warrior Melody

The bleedings were a warning sign

It all started with my periods breaking through, and then it turned into bleeding all the time. I kept shrugging it off thinking it will fix itself.

Then finally, I went to the doctor. They didn't think much and since my pap came back normal they thought that maybe it was my body reacting to stress (being a business owner during the the pandemic has not been easy). So I went about my business and kept bleeding. They prescribed progesterone to try to help me stop bleeding, and it didn't work.

Be your own advocate

I came back to the doctor tired, exhausted from bleeding asking for something to please be done. They sent me to have a transvaginal ultrasound and that's when I got answers.

It showed tumors in my uterus, cancerous tumors. In the time it took until surgery, the cancer had spread down my vaginal wall, to my cervix and out on my vulva. Since then, I had a hysterectomy and the tumors removed along my vaginal wall, cervix and on vulva. Only to find out that eight weeks later from my last surgery, four more have shown up and I just had them removed. Self exams are so important because I was able to find them early this time. Now going through treatment, living out my hope three months at a time and believing that the best is ahead for me.

Signs & symptoms of uterine cancer

Unusual vaginal bleeding, spotting, or discharge can be a sign of uterine cancer (also called womb or endometrial cancer). If you experience abnormally heavy or prolonged bleeding and/or pain in the pelvic or abdominal area, please talk to your doctor. Your doctor may ask you how long and how often you have experienced those symptoms. Those symptoms may have other causes, but check with your doctor if you are concerned.

Other less common symptoms include unexplained weight loss or difficulty urinating.

For more information on uterine cancer, visit Cancer Council.

Body image after cancer

Uterine warrior Melody
My body is resilient & stronger then I imagined
My whole life I focused on being the right weight and fitting in my jeans. But now looking at my body, with it's scarred tummy and scarred vagina, I think what this body has gone through is much more important then being a perfect size. It is resilient and stronger then I imagined.

Then, Melody adds:

I wear my marks even though they are not visible for the world to see but they are mine, and I wear them proudly. Knowing come what may, nothing can steal my joy and faith. Cancer has not defined me but it has been part of my journey and has been part of my refining.

Thank you Melody for sharing your story and insights. You can reach out to Melody on Instagram @justkeepglowingmelody We look forward to seeing you all in the Girls Rocking Cancer on Facebook or Instagram.


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