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Write your own ticket to happiness

Today, we celebrate International Day of Happiness under the theme Happier Together, focusing on what we have in common, rather than what divides us. But, what does it mean to be happy? In this blog, we explore how trying to manufacture happiness might not be the answer to creating your best life. Here's how to charge up your happiness.

What does happiness mean anyway?

Girls Rocking Cancer - ticket to hapiness
With my dear friend Erin McCabe

A while back, I saw a study that shifted my view of the world:

Happiness comes and goes, meaning stays.

Think about it, happiness can escape from our grasp in the blink of an eye. Meaning is a lot more within our reach: meaningful conversations, meaningful work, meaningful relationships, meaningful experiences.

The beauty of being human is that we can rewrite our story at any time to give it any meaning we want - whether we felt “happy” that day or not. When we give meaning to something, we give it importance, we give it perspective.

To me, happiness comes when you’re fulfilled, when you’re in alignment with your values, showing up as the real YOU! So rather than trying to manufacture happiness, I spend most of my time doing what is meaningful to me - connecting with my purpose to create work where I can help others, go within via my yoga practice, and have deep, heartfelt conversations with good friends and family. That’s what happiness is to me and, in that sense, meaning leads to happiness.

3 sure-fire ways to boost your happiness

1. Be a best-selling author

Your life is a story and you are the author, so write your best book yet! Pay attention to the story you tell yourself about the events - good or bad - that happen in your life. Remember that you can edit any chapter at anytime to give the events in your life any meaning you want.

You can't always control what happens to you but you can control how you respond. There's always a choice.

2. Connect to your purpose

Go within to find a deeper connection to your true self - how can you create meaning in your life by connecting to your purpose? Unsure what your purpose is? Tune in to your emotions. What drives you? What injustice gets you fired up?

On your exploring journey, ask yourself what activities you enjoy and what you are good at. You may also consider volunteering to connect with other like-minded people - this could be the spark that ignites your fire!

3. Celebrate your humanity

We're happier when we're together, which is the theme of this year's International Day of Happiness. The Harvard Study of Adult Development — one of the longest-running studies on happiness — reveals that:

knowing when to let go (focusing on what's important to us rather than sweating the small stuff) and valuing the strength of our relationships are the secrets to happiness.

Our relationships are mood boosters, while isolation is a mood buster. Today is the perfect time to nurture positive connections and let go of toxic people in your life.

So, let's be happy together! See you in the Girls Rocking Cancer Community on Facebook or Instagram.


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